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Having tried to reuse our flat- pack kiln to raku small items without much success I decided to try making a smaller chamber using my limited collection of lightweight firebricks
Raku kiln
At this scale my main concern was the damage that the flame could do to the ware so I made the chamber rectangular so that the burner could be directed parallel to the pots.

This seemed to work quite well and the kiln heated up reasonably quickly. When the glaze (a white crackle) showed signs of melting I turned off the gas, removed the top bricks and using tongs took the piece out of the kiln and placed it in sawdust in the bin visible in the first picture after about ten minutes I then moved it into a bucket of water to quench it

Raku firing
Raku vase 1

I was quite pleased with the pot (not least because, despite being an enclosed form, it survived being quenched in water) although I'm not sure the I have quite got to grips with the glaze. It seems to require to be quite thick to generate the crackle. On the plus side where it is thin it develops an interesting graphite silver finish which probably has potential if its repeatable